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Upload an Image

  • 1. Click the "Choose A File" button below.
  • 2. Select an image from your PC or Phone.

The image will temporarily be uploaded. We perform the match. The image will then be deleted from our servers.

Upload an image


Paste Image URL

  • How to copy/paste image URL from the web:
  • 1. Find a photo online of the person you would like to match with our stars.
  • 2. Right click the image and copy its URL. Your browser may call it an "image location" or "image address."
  • 3. Return here and paste in the URL. You may right click in the search box and Paste or push Ctrl+V / Command+V.

Mobile users: rather than right clicking, you will long press on the image and select Copy, then long press on the search field and select Paste.